A passion for fashion


Jennifer Link, owner of Rumorless Threads, is a local Fashion Designer and Stylist in the Dayton, Ohio area. She knew from an early age that one day she would pursue a career in Fashion. Born and raised in Dayton, volunteering with her Grandmother at a consignment shop called "WomenLine," she fell in love with the many different fabrics and styles of clothing. She would help sort through the clothing, dress the mannequins, wait on the customers helping them find clothing, and suggesting pieces of clothing for them even at the young age of 7.

Jennifer admits to being a self-confessed clothes horse! She likes to encourage her clients to experiment, not be afraid to take risks, and discover their own unique styles, letting them step out of their comfort zones, so their personalities shine. About 6 years ago armed with inspiration of all styles she went treasure hunting all over the USA, scouring endless showroom racks to find her clients, edgy, daring pieces that were timely, one of a kind that express her client's personalities.

Jennifer's keen eye for detail and fresh approach to styling gives her the ability to predict worldwide trends in clothing. Her collection of clothing is "Vintage," which she reconstructs pieces to make them more modern and trendy, you will also find new "Indie" and "High Couture" in her line.

Jennifer's work has been published in "Teen Model Magazine", with "ProjectCO". She has collaborated on Photo Shoots with Michael Carr, of "The Carr's Photography" in Dayton, Ohio. He has worked with her on the many beautiful pictures you see in her shop.

She also does Fashion Shows in the surrounding area, editorial shoots, plus her online shops on Chictopia and Etsy. Besides having racks upon racks of her unique collection for her clients to shop, she offers local photographers a space to shoot clients, works as a stylist, personal shopping services, and closet makeovers.

Jennifer believes in the importance of community involvement reaching out, inspiring others and giving back to the community. She is proud to be involved in "Fashion Angels Charity Show," a show put on twice a year by Laura Kirkpatrick, with "America's Next Top Model," and with "Rob Deaton."

Jennifer Link - Owner of Rumorless Threads

Jennifer admits to being a self-confessed clothes horse!